Q: What is a Color/Pattern Blast?

A: A Color or Pattern Blast is when you clear all of the tiles of a specific color/pattern in a single move, and that this the first time you have cleared any of that specific color/pattern on this level. In other words, if you clear all of the red tiles as your first move, that would be a Color Blast. If your first move had cleared three red tiles, and your second move cleared all of the remaining red tiles, that would not be a Color Blast.

Q: What is a Cascade?

A: A Cascade is when a single move results in clearing tiles in two or more reactions. Normally, this happens when a set of tiles are cleared, and the tiles above them fall into the Magic Zone, and cause another set of tiles to be cleared. A Double Cascade is when a single move results in three sets of tiles being cleared. A Triple Cascade is when a single move results in four sets of tiles being cleared. A Dodecuple Cascade is when a single move results in thirteen sets of tiles being cleared.

Q: What is a Color/Pattern Clear?

A: A Color/Pattern Clear is a special Cascade that clears all of the remaining tiles of a given color or pattern.

Q: Is there really such a word as "octodecuple" or "quattuortrigintuple"?

A: We think so. We depend on the wisdom of others for this kind of thing.

Q: Can I replace the tile patterns/colors?

A: Custom tiles and themes will be available in a later version, if enough people are enthusiastic about the idea (i.e., email us about it).

Q: Is there a PocketPC version of Flummox? How about for Windows? MacOS? AIX? VMS?

A: Nope. Right now, there's only a single version, and it's for Palm OS. If a lot of people register, we could afford to port to other systems.

Q: Golly, wouldn't this make a great promotion for my company?

A: Why yes, yes it would! We can do all sorts of things, from changing the name, to putting your logo in the background. Talk to us!

Q: What other Palm Games do you publish?

A: None, so far. We contributed a lot of code to the latest version of Space Trader. If you haven't played Space Trader, you should! And it's free!

Q: Didn't this used to have a different name?

A: Yes, originally this game was called Rigamarole, however, that name was infringing on someone else's trademark. Somehow, that escaped us when we were coming up with the name the first time around. In any case, Flummox is a much funnier word anyway.

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