How To Play

The Board

The board contains seven rows of seven columns of colored or patterned tiles. There are arrows at each end of each row and column. In the middle of the board is a pulsing square, which is called the Magic Zone.

There is clock-like directional circle called the Compass in the upper left.

On the left of the board is a "terminal line," under which you will see any orphan tiles. Below the Compass on the left, you will find any "Charms" you have accumulated.

Score information, aremaining move count, and a remaining move "thermometer" indicator are displayed at the top of the screen, if you have not disabled them in the preferences.


The primary goal, of course, is to get the highest score possible. This is accomplished by making all of the tiles vanish in as few moves as possible.


Rows and columns of tiles may be shifted by clicking on one of the arrows beyond the end of the row or column. A tile that gets shifted off of one end of a full row or column will "wrap around" to the other end. If there are gaps, tiles will fall to fill in the gaps.

You can change the direction that tiles fall by clicking on a direction in the Compass in the upper left of the board. The following picture shows what the board looks like when the direction is towards the top of the screen.

Vanishing Tiles

In the middle of the board is the Magic Zone. If three or more tiles of the same color or pattern are neighbors within the Magic Zone, they will vanish, clearing them from the board. "Neighbors" means that they share a common side -- diagonals don't count.

Any tiles of the same color or pattern outside of the Magic Zone that are contiguous to the exploding tiles will also vanish.

Any gaps left by vanishing tiles will be filled in by other tiles falling into place.

If the Magic Zone has no tiles to support it, it will also fall, as you can see in the following screen shot:

Note that the Magic Zone falls after all of the tiles finish falling, so plan accordingly.

Game Play

A level is complete when it is impossible to get three tiles of the same color or pattern into the Magic Zone (i.e., there are no more than three tiles of any given color or pattern), or when you have made the maximum number of moves for that level. The number of moves allowed for a level starts at 100, and goes down by five moves for each level, until you reach the Opal level, when the number of moves will remain fixed at 50.

Any tiles left over are called "orphan tiles." If you have fewer than 6 orphans, you will proceed on to the next level of play. You can see the number of orphan tiles during play by looking at the lower left of the screen, under the terminal line. When the stack of orphans passes the line, the game is over.

If you clear all the tiles to complete a level, you will be rewarded with a Charm.


Certain accomplishments will result in you receiving Charms. Charms can be activated by clicking on their icon. You may have up to three charms at any one time -- if you receive a new charm after that, your oldest charm will go away. Each Charms alter something about the way the game plays:

The effects of all Charms will be cancelled at the end of a level.


Options Menu

Help Menu

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High Scores

Displays the high scores.


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