Tips For Beginners

Here are a few tips that will help beginners:

Example: How to clear the green tiles.

You can't just move that one stray green tile over, since there is a purple tile in the way. So you move it down...

Again, you can't just move the green tile to the left, since that would break up that nice arrangement of green tiles on this row. So you move it down again...

NOW, we can safely move the green tile to the left.

But now we need to get the green tile into the Magic Zone. So we push it off the bottom, and it will fall back onto the top.

Ready to clear all of the green tiles...

Done! Now on to clear the yellow or purple tiles.

Ranking of Achievements

Points are awarded for making tiles vanish, for causing cascades, for eliminating all tiles of a particular color or pattern, and for finishing levels with remaining moves. Obviously, the best strategies bring in the highest number of points.

Because the scores for each of these achievements vary based on the number of tiles involved, it is not possible to provide an absolute ranking. But the approximate ranking is as follows:
HighestClearing all the tiles of one or more colors or patterns at once, without having cleared any other tiles of that color or pattern since you started this level.
Clearing all the tiles of one or more colors or patterns at once.
Causing multiple cascades.
MiddleCausing a cascade.
LowestClearing tiles, the more the better.
Using fewer than 100 moves to complete a level.

Advanced Tips

Here are some pointers that may help advanced players:

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