Sun, 6 Jan 2008


— SjG @ 5:15 pm

Person 1: We didn’t do as well in the yoga competition last weekend.

Person 2: Really?

Person 1: The room was kinda cold. Since I do Bikram, it really cost me against the Power Yoga guys.

Person 2: That sucks.

Person 1: Well, it’s OK. I’ve started doing some cold-room training for the statewide in February. I’m feeling good about it.

Person 2: Well, go get ’em. Show them what yoga’s all about, man!

Little do they know, I’m going to show up and school them all in the freestyle personal meditation category!

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Thu, 3 Jan 2008

Backups, Updated Again

— SjG @ 5:11 pm

Had some updates to the backup script which I never published.

Here it is.


Backup Scripts

(for background, see Automated Backups.)