Tue, 8 Jan 2013

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

— SjG @ 8:48 pm

I needed to change my iPhone lock screen image. With no further aesthetic commentary, here are three Retina-ready, iPhone 5-sized images you can use. They’ll also work on non-Retina or lower-resolution iPhone screens, you’ll just have to select a portion of the image (or scale it down). If you don’t know how to install Wallpaper images on your iPhone, the first page I Googled gave a pretty good step-by-step.

(Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size versions; right-click to download them)


Thu, 14 Jul 2011

iOS programming

— SjG @ 8:20 am

Using Xcode and Interface Builder is like a bizarre, retro-futuristic dream, where Code Warrior for Palm OS has somehow evolved into the interface for the Great New Empire.