Tue, 14 Nov 2023

My Geometry BS, revisited

— SjG @ 7:14 pm

So, back in January, I posted about being back on my BS with geometry programs. Not too long after that, I think, I got distracted and changed focus and didn’t work on the code at all.

Well, in keeping with the idea that it’s better to do something half-assed than not do it at all, I’ve posted the code, such as it is. It’s a kaleidoscope-like thing written in Javascript, and outputs in SVG for all your re-use needs.

The programs flaws are many. It uses only line segments, not splines, so curves are not smooth. It doesn’t actually merge the line segments into continuous shapes, so the resultant SVG files are huge. And it’s written in Javascript, so in addition to all the mistakes I’ve made, it’s got bugs that may not even be mine.

Still, I think it’s fun to play with. Maybe one day, I’ll write code to merge the line segments, and possibly weave overlapping lines into knot patterns (which was the original intent). But for now, here it is: Tiler.

Thu, 9 Nov 2023

Winking Hummer

— SjG @ 4:33 pm

I was doing my usual skulking about and chasing the garden hummingbirds, when this one made it clear it knew what was up.

(That’s not CG, AI, or fakery. The image is animated from two successive frames, shooting at 7fps)