Thu, 17 Sep 2009

MacBook Pro Screen Issues, cont.

— SjG @ 10:17 am

Well, the screen issues continue, but at least the missing pixel columns are in designer colors:

Resetting the graphics subsystem sometimes cures it, sometimes just changes the color. Thus far, it’s always cured itself eventually.

Wed, 9 Sep 2009

MacBookPro Screen Issue

— SjG @ 1:20 pm

So, in the middle of working on something, the balance of luminiferous ether in the universe must have come unhinged, because every other column of pixels on my screen went black:

View at full resolution to see detail

View at full resolution to see detail

I tried the usual tricks, to no avail. I figured it was a hardware connector issue, so got an appointment at the Apple store. However, to my annoyance and chagrin, the problem has proved intermittent. It “cures itself” and then recurs. This supported my theory that it was a connector issue, or so I thought.

The Apple Genius, however, taught me a trick to reset the graphics subsystem: shift + control + eject

The last time the problem arose, this trick *did* cure it.

So the question is – is my graphics card going south? Is this some bug in recently installed software (Snow Leopard, the new version of iStat Menus, or Final Cut Express)? Could it be entirely due to my attitude? Or was the reset cure also a coincidence? Only time will tell.

Fri, 4 Sep 2009

Why I love being an Open Source developer

— SjG @ 10:14 am

I was private-messaged this morning. I’ve redacted the nick-name of the person contacting me, and made a few minor typo fixes. Unfortunately, this is not all that unusual…

[09:56] [redacted]: [link to bug report]
[09:57] [redacted]: I need these features.. πŸ™‚
[09:57] _SjG_: hi
[09:57] [redacted]: very good module but not working.. πŸ™
[09:58] _SjG_: it’s been a long time since I’ve done any work on the module
[09:58] [redacted]: any other guys?
[09:58] _SjG_: well, I do intend to do some upgrades on it, but paying work keeps getting higher priority
[09:59] [redacted]: i see
[09:59] [redacted]: it is method to get money? πŸ™‚ leave small bugs and do works for money?
[10:00] [redacted]: i see this not first time
[10:00] _SjG_: no, it’s just that I only have so many hours in a day
[10:01] [redacted]: i am not asking you to do this
[10:01] [redacted]: just asking wht to do?
[10:01] [redacted]: its not working..
[10:01] _SjG_: I understand. It’s on my list of things to fix
[10:02] [redacted]: any other solution? other developer who can finish this small thing?
[10:02] _SjG_: you can ask
[10:03] _SjG_: I don’t know if anyone’s working on it
[10:03] _SjG_: Maybe [redacted] — he was doing some FormBuilder work
[10:05] [redacted]: strange..
[10:06] [redacted]: i had so much doubt about choosing this cms..
[10:06] [redacted]: now i see
[10:07] _SjG_: if you’re trying to make me feel guilty for not immediately fixing the problem, you’re not going to succeed. I do this as a volunteer. I have a full-time job in addition.
[10:09] _SjG_: You can try Joomla, and see if they’re more responsive.
[10:09] [redacted]: so other have too πŸ™‚ but they not publishing modules with bugs I spent so much time and now i see that i should do everything with other cms
[10:10] _SjG_: You can always fix it yourself, and be a contributor
[10:10] [redacted]: i am not programmer thanks god πŸ™‚
[10:12] _SjG_: no, you’re just a person with an unreasonable expectation of everybody doing your work for you. Sorry. Try being a contributor (in any way whatsoever), and I’d be more sympathetic.
[10:13] [redacted]: what?
[10:13] _SjG_: but coming in with a sense of entitlement and insults isn’t going to win you much support.
[10:13] [redacted]: i am just person who choose product like idiot
[10:14] [redacted]: i made a research it fits my need or not
[10:14] [redacted]: and that damn module is buged
[10:14] [redacted]: thats it
[10:14] _SjG_: yes, and it’s on the list of things to be fixed. what’s your point?
[10:14] _SjG_: I’m not dropping everything to make you happy?
[10:14] [redacted]: and developer say that he need money for this or i can fuck off
[10:14] _SjG_: That’s actually not what I said
[10:15] [redacted]: ha ha πŸ™‚
[10:15] _SjG_: I said that it’s on my list of things to fix, but paid projects have taken priority
[10:15] _SjG_: I have bills to pay, you know
[10:15] [redacted]: you think other is too stupid?
[10:15] [redacted]: ok
[10:15] [redacted]: now i see situation
[10:16] _SjG_: I have a list of projects, each of which I go through and fix bugs as I have the time
[10:16] [redacted]: i will do some work in forums and so on to clear the situation for other people who can be fished like this
[10:16] _SjG_: I also get hundreds of feature requests
[10:17] _SjG_: and everyone is just like you, thinking that their project more important than my life, so I should just do their work for them and thank them
[10:17] [redacted]: so i am guilty to choose not working module ? πŸ™‚
[10:17] _SjG_: no, you’re guilty of being impatient
[10:18] _SjG_: and insulting me when I try to explain the situation
[10:18] [redacted]: πŸ™‚ ok
[10:18] _SjG_: accusing me of extortion by intentionally leaving in bugs
[10:18] _SjG_: do you know how many hour a week I put into writing this stuff?
[10:18] [redacted]: how much do you want for fixing this?
[10:19] _SjG_: it’s on the list to be fixed. I have several paying jobs I’m working on now. It will be done after I complete them.
[10:20] [redacted]: i talk with you just 10 min, but i understand that it will be fixed in 5 years πŸ™‚
[10:20] _SjG_: well, there’s just one of me
[10:21] _SjG_: I’d work faster, but I do occasionally like to sleep, talk to my wife, etc
[10:22] [redacted]: maybe do the work till the end? πŸ™‚
[10:22] [redacted]: and only then post them?
[10:22] [redacted]: or dont think that other stupid? πŸ™‚
[10:23] [redacted]: ok i will find some person and pay the money
[10:23] [redacted]: but not for you mtf
[10:24] _SjG_: Dude, with your attitude, I would have charged you the “go to hell” price anyway