Wed, 8 Jun 2011

Who Am I?

— SjG @ 7:24 pm

You’ve reached one of many repositories of online artifacts originating with one Samuel Goldstein.

I’ve been exporting cruft to the internet from the day they merged MILNET, ARPANET, and SPAN, and was known to export cruft to BITNET before that.

I describe myself as interested in everything, talented in nothing. Other descriptions include husband, software developer, photographer, typographer, butterfly farmer, writer, and pedant. I have been called many names over the years, some flattering, others less so1. I don’t have a current resume online, but if I did, it would include skills that were common in the Bronze Age as well as tech buzzwords that would be obsolete before I finished typing them.

I can be found at a variety of email addresses, many of which you should be able to find if you’re remotely creative. Failing that, leave a comment on this site somewhere.

The content on this site is solely my personal opinion at the moment of writing, and should not be construed to reflect the opinions, ideas, policies, or biases of any of the organizations, companies, or sites to which I belong/participate/endorse/revile. Some of the ideas expressed here are deliberate attempts at satire, provocation, or trolling, and it is the responsibility of the reader to make a determination as to the most appropriate interpretation.

1In the late 80s, Jeff White of Operation Rescue pointed at me and proclaimed “next to Satan himself, this man is your greatest enemy.” Earlier, that same week, I had been called a “true and blessed saint” while volunteering at an emergency food pantry. The way I see it, the range mapped out by those extremes gives me a lot of leeway.

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