Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Viriconium Nights

— SjG @ 9:26 pm

By M. John Harrison, Ace Books, 1984

As Peter documents, this has a certain amount of overlap with the short stories included in 2005’s Viriconium, but there are some interesting differences; for example, Viriconium Nights’ story “The Lamia and Lord Cromis” and Viriconium‘s “The Lamia & Lord Cromis” are related yet different stories. It’s an interesting exercise reading both of them and seeing how the vision changed — or contemplating that perhaps the vision didn’t change at all. With so much in Viriconium, similar places or events may really be parallels in place or the cycles of history, or contrariwise, the differences may be entirely illusory.

What else can I say except that this is more Viriconium, which is a weak, pathetic summation of something very complex and subtle!

(Just catching up here… It’s been nine months since I read this).

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Wed, 5 Nov 2008


— SjG @ 9:00 am

The country takes a big step forward, and California takes a big step backward.

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Mon, 3 Nov 2008

“Yes on 8” Ads seen here

— SjG @ 11:55 pm

So the “Yes on 8” bigots are spending a lot on advertising, and Google ads for “Yes on 8” are evidently showing up here.

All I can say is ignore ’em. I think I’m forbidden by Google to say anything that would encourage you to click on them to cost the bastards more money. If that were to somehow happen, I’ll donate any click revenue from those ads to an appropriate organization like GLAAD. Not that I’ve ever seen any click revenue… But the “Yes on 8” people are evidently bidding high, so maybe it’s possible. Or maybe I just need to get rid of the Google ads. They ain’t doing me any good, except for sometimes their humorous juxtaposition.

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