Fri, 2 Jan 2009

Address Book

— SjG @ 3:09 pm

So. Millions of people use Apple’s Someone must have a solution to the problem of households … but I somehow have been left in the dark.

Stated more precisely:
I have numerous friends for whom I have multiple contacts. For example, Alice Code and Bob Crypto are what we now call pairbonded partners. They share a common home address, but separate cell phones, email, work addresses, work email, etc. So I end up keeping three records for the two of them: one for Alice, one for Bob, and one for Bob and Alice.

Now, three records for two people isn’t so onerous, particularly when there’s not a lot of redundant information. But then, if they happen to have a land-line, and change the number, I have to update three records (unless I only put home number for the common record, in which case I’d have to remember this protocol). And the fact is that there are a lot of redundant notes I try to keep, such as anniversaries, favorite charities, etc. This makes the system unwieldy, especially since my whole goal is to reduce the amount of stuff I have to remember and maintain.

So how do people in the real world manage this? Bonus points for solutions that will still work when I sync to my Palm-OS based phone!

Tue, 22 Nov 2005

Space Trader on your Treo 650

— SjG @ 8:56 pm

I occasionally get asked about Space Trader, a great game for the Palm originally by Pieter Spronck. Several years ago, I helped him write some of the code that was released as version 1.2, way way back in October of 2002.

Evidently, version 1.2 doesn’t run on the Treo 650. I don’t even have a Palm development environment at the moment, so I haven’t had a chance to fix the code that crashes it. But never fear! It’s Open Source, and someone going by the name of DrWowe fixed it. In addition, it looks like Pieter has fixed a few outstanding bugs (that all look like they were in code I wrote… how embarrassing).

Read all about it at:

Fri, 20 May 2005

Treo Sync Followup, part 2

— SjG @ 3:23 pm

Well, I can now state authoritatively that the problem was with Mac OS. I still don’t know what went wrong, or why, since I was originally able to sync a few times before it stopped working.

In any case, I upgraded the notebook to Mac OS 10.4 (“Tiger”), and lo and behold! sync worked with the cable right off the bat. And damn is the USB sync cable faster than bluetooth.

So if you’re having problems synching on a Mac, this might be a starting point for diagnosing the problem.