Thu, 9 Oct 2003

The Story of O

— SjG @ 4:20 pm

Pauline Réage, 1954, read as eText from
Well, this eText had some problems, which appeared to be caused by an occasional missing page from the source, but the intermittent gaps in the narrative were not enough to account for my disappointment.
Given what I knew of the story (i.e., very little, other than it had been extensively banned and involved sadomasochistic sexuality), I was expecting the tale to be shocking, titillating, or at least interesting. Instead, I found myself bored. The character of O spends all her time either being abused or whining about her love for her abusers. They, on the other hand, seem utterly unemotional and without any character other than their predilection for abuse. There’s no drama here, just dull repetition of uninvolving social gatherings, floggings, and mechanical sexuality.

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