Wed, 2 Feb 2005

Today’s Vision of the Future

— SjG @ 3:44 pm

Today’s installment:

  • everything will have a camera on it.
  • everything will be connected to the internet.
  • everything will have gigs of memory or more.
  • everything will have a GPS receiver in it.
  • everything will serve up targeted advertising based on location, personal history, and other gathered demographic data.
  • everything will play your music and movies to you.
  • everything will spontaneously reboot at least once a week.
  • the job title “Systems/Gadget Immunologist” will be more prestigious than “Doctor.”
  • nobody will brush their teeth or floss; instead they’ll squeeze another tube of plaque-scrubbing nanobots into their mouths once a month.
  • people will network their home theaters, so they can recreate the experience of seeing a movie with other people.
  • houses will be equipped with special systems to play your personal theme music for various activities. Only old folks will use the same theme song for activity_01.01 (getting up in the morning) and activity_07.47 (returning to the house).

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