Wed, 20 Jul 2005

Gadspot IP Camera

— SjG @ 8:27 pm

How could I resist a $150 wireless network camera? Well, the answer is I couldn’t.

This is one of the NC1000-W10 systems. It has, according to this site, an embedded Linux kernel running on an ARM processor.

It seems pretty slick. It has dual network interfaces, and, web-based access. The image quality is acceptable for a security camera, or for doing long-term timelapse (my purpose). It’ll do short-range IR illumination, will email images if motion is detected, etc. It requires Windows for its initial setup, but once you get network access, it will work and be further configurable with any Java-enabled browser.

One quirk is that you seem to have to power cycle it (or perhaps reboot it) to get it to utilize any new Network settings. The one snag is that if you configure it to listen on both wired and unwired networks, and it’s unable to connect to the wireless network, it seems to stall out and fail to boot correctly. This is a problem when I have wired and wireless connections out in the office, but only wireless (on a separate wireless network) in the eventual destination. I’ll have to run a long cable to configure it for its final use.

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  1. Robert Larke says:

    Gadspot advertised a new ip network camera. I pordered from South Africa but only received camera without the PAN / Tilt unit. They offer me $20 dollar discount but accepted my full payment for $564 dollars. This is really bad service. No mention of out of stock . When eill I receive my Pan / Tilt unit ?

  2. Robert Larke says:

    I ordered a camera from Gadspot online on 15 Jan 2006. I have sent various emails and everytime they say i will reveive it next week . The took my payment off my credit card , but have not yet send the goods. Be carefull and dont make any purchases from this company . They are a fake

  3. Gadspot UK says:


    I am afraid that my colleagues in the US are all too keen to allow purchases without them having stock. They are not fake, just not good with business practice.

    As you can see from our site the cameras are out of stock – Due to a problem that is being resolved.

    They are good cameras, don’t be put off by one bad review.

  4. Harry Weetink says:

    Hope you will receive the camera. And that it works correctly.
    Before I placed the order the communication was good en quickly,
    All my questions were answered very quickly.
    After the item was shipped no support from (in my case) I have a few questions about the working of the camera and the outdoor housing but no answer anymore.
    Whitin a day I was removed from there database and was’nt able to look at the order anymore.

  5. Peter Wite says:

    I ordered a few cameras from Gadspot and their service was great. They have excellent tech service and answered my emails quickly.

  6. Harry Weetink says:

    My camera broke down after mounting a auto iris lens.
    Returned to the USA and after they received the camera I had the replacement whitin 5 days
    So good service, must still say that comms via e-mail is slow. Maybe because of the time differents!!

  7. B Klatt says:

    I ordered a couple GS1600H outdoor webcam’s from Gadspot USA with the wide-angle lens option.
    One unit had the LED board disconnected – I found out why. When the LED board is connected, the unit overloads the supplied 12V power supply and the camera LEDs just flash every second or so. Repeated disconnect/wait/reconnect cycles eventually gets the camera to boot up, but it’s a real nuisance to get it going this way. The 12V PS seems to be underrated.

    The wide-angle lens was a puzzle to figure out. No info is included as to how to mount or focus it. It’s not obvious, but the secret is to adjust the black ring on the lens itself after getting the best focus from the mounting ring. The outdoor housing also obscures a small portion of the image in the corners.

    Gadspot USA ignores support email, but is reachable by phone.

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