Tue, 9 Aug 2005

Cool Mac OS Programs

— SjG @ 12:53 pm

Here are three really nice programs I’ve found (or rather, people have pointed out to me) for the Powerbook lately:

iScroll2: Two-Finger-Scrolling with pre-2005 PowerBooks and iBooks at RazzFazz’ Homepage. This is particularly nice, since it is highly configurable: vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, circular scrolling (i.e., iPod wheel scrolling), and even tap-to-click mappings. It seems to be a really well done piece of code.

MyBattery coconutBattery at This is more than just a battery monitor, since it gives some “absolute” information, such as original maximum battery capacity (in milliamp-hours) and current battery level, capacity, charge cycles, and estimated runtime. We all know deep down that our batteries are slowly decreasing in their capacity as they age. This gives a tangible figure for that degradation.

Desktop Manager. I first encountered a virtual screen program like this under HP/UX, and have used similar programs under Irix, Linux, and Windows. This is a particularly nice one, at least in terms of eye candy. Seems stable, and is great for a machine that’s used for development, web surfing, image editing, etc. to keep each activity kinda separate.

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  1. sairuh says:

    Desktop Manager is great! Although it hasn’t been updated since May, and no new 0.6 builds for a very long time. I hope the project is just on brief hiatus, not abandoned.

    Speaking of related apps, there’s Virtue (based on DM), which was nice, but it hasn’t had any news since January ( The latest DM (v0.5.3) worked around of some issues I had in Virtue, so I switched to DM.

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