Wed, 7 Sep 2005

Powerbook HD Upgrade

— SjG @ 2:09 pm

Since I have this unreasonable need to keep all of my digital photos on the Powerbook, I’m running out of disk space. Gee, you’d think 60GB would be enough for just about anything. But with 30GB of graphics files (21GB of which is just photographs), space gets used up quickly.

The eventual plan is to use iView MediaPro2 for keeping the pictures organized, Photoshop for manipulating them in any way necessary, and come up with some bridge to Gallery2 for publishing collections on the web. We’ll see.

In any case, the problem arises of disks. The one I’m currently considering is the Seagate Momentus 5400.2. I like that Seagate still has a five year warranty. The drive’s 100GB, which would give me another 40GB. That’s about 15 overseas trips worth of pictures, or, if I’m lucky, enough to tide me over until I get my Super New Intel Mac Notebook with its 250GB hard drive in Spring of ’07.

Update: Somehow, I’d missed the ST9120821A. That’s 120GB! Wheeeeee!

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  1. SjG says:

    Well, with a great deal of help from this page at, I was successful, and now have an ST9120821A in the notebook.

    Not only is it faster and quieter than the previous drive, it seems to stay a lot cooler; my handrest is noticibly cooler even after a lot of disk-intensive operation.

    Happy happy, joy joy!

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