Thu, 15 Jun 2006


— SjG @ 10:16 pm

Cubicle-dweller 1: So, it’s 230a, not 230?
Cubicle-dweller 2: Well, technically it’s 230a, but there is no 230b.

The absurdity of Human Endeavor sometimes emerges in unexpected ways, and often surprises me.

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  1. woy says:

    how y’all doin? technically speaking, y’all is a contraction of you and all. an abbreviated form of you all still, in it’s colloquial usage, can be used as the singular, as well as to address a group.
    the way to further engender the thought of its plurality in usage is to append it with “all” indeed,
    however “all y’all” being as markedly plural as it is “all you all” is still perfuntarily acceped as a way to address a single person, while insinuating association between that person and an assemblage of those like minded. to wit; as used to address a single individual: “i done told all y’all revenuers to best stay kept off’n muh properTie” …as idyllic as those days are from whence the wellspring of colloquial dialects of yore are, and as endearing as the whathaveyousay’s may be, rilly dough, times be hizappinen whut can git wit some of that ole shiznit, and i fear more for the language from the loss of such utterances as “y’all” than from the gross linguistics which have evolved and will continue to do so. any such attempt to retool the language or adopt a new mode, thinks itself avant or hip or cool as it springs forth, and many such words still find frequent usage having contained enough information of the attitude implied through its use to gain lasting social acceptance. regardless, impetuous crap grammar will ever strive to supplant what some still refer to as “the Queen’s English”
    to wit and moreso, here; as used agian to address a singular individual, the full blown plural in resplendent glory:
    “all y’all little angst_driven_hipster types be skulkin about these heeyar parts? iffnso, i wants all y’all to know that i surely dotes upon yer doins, and would fancy the chance to chew the fat with yew” 🙂

  2. woy says:

    Lo how smothe and curvit these rocks be that in the creacion weren jaggit, for that they haf bin straikit by myriades of thickheidit folk hither ycommen in peregrinage, beggarlie criand after Miracula. And I say one at the leste wis granted ’em. Was’t not a marvel and a wonder, pass and credence, that they helden dull ston for more puissaunt than your quicke man, the which mought live brethe and dreme and soffre and fede wormes? ~pre Chaucer anon. middle english

  3. woy says:

    meh@typos: 1st post: it’s* me* again* 2nd nail in the mazze: …and i can but wonder if i have misremembered and falsely included the word “that”; 1066 and the introduction of formal pronouns notwithstanding, i appear to have missshelved the pertinent volume of The Encyclopedia of Wit And Humor. :/
    but yet, and what does it take to make the moderation cut in posting on an absurdism page anyway, notice my self restraint in not spouting forth gouts of vb++ ??:o)

  4. SjG says:

    The delay in approving these can be blamed on the Turing Test.

    Sometimes, an Absurdist is arbitrarily difficult to differentiate from a Markov-chain-based textbot on a rampage.

  5. woy says:

    i have often been accused of being a bot on opennap 🙂
    aloha, you still do irc? state a bot-time/bot channel :p
    or look for me in #pattern on amber opennp

    “always do right, this will gratify some people and amaze the rest” ~Mark Twain

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