Wed, 2 May 2007

More Avian Dogfights

— SjG @ 8:37 pm

So today, on my walk home from work, I was almost knocked off the sidewalk by a frantically swerving, low-flying crow. It was flying erratically, fast, and croaking in a tone I haven’t heard before.

Why the corvid distress? It was trying to lose a humming bird, which was tight on its tail, and bombing in like a bird on a mission (I suspect it must have seen the crow too close to a nest or something). The hummer was probably no larger than the crow’s head, but it sure had the larger bird on the run. They did some crazy swerving over the road, between some trees, and vanished among the houses across the street.

Then, upon coming home, I saw a similar scene re-enacted in the back yard. This time, the pursuer was a mocking bird.

It’s impressive just how fast and agile they are. As Elizabeth phrased it, they were “hellbent for feather.”

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