Fri, 10 Aug 2007


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A few years ago, we noticed a BGS (Big Green Spider, aka Peucetia viridans, or Green Lynx Spider) in the back yard, on a dead Echinacea flower. This particular BGS was getting fatter and fatter — and then, one day, it was very skinny, but sitting on what looked like a papier-mâché diatom caught in the web. The BGS guarded the diatom fiercely for a few weeks, until the diatom exploded into an amazing clump of TBSes (Tiny Brown Spiders).
BGS and Kids
The clump gradually dispersed. Whether they ate one another, or just all fled the nest, I can’t really say.

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed an increase in BGSes in the garden. In fact, this year there are several in the front, and a few in the back garden. They all seem to be about the same size when full grown, with perhaps a 1.5 or 2 inch leg-span.

Maybe I need to check on our Reactor Core to make sure it’s not leaking, because two weeks ago, I discovered a BGS in the front yard with a leg-span of easily 3 inches — maybe even bigger. I’ll have to take some pictures, although I’m a bit chary of getting close enough, especially close enough to put something in the scene to give a sense of scale.

In any case, I hereby formally initiate the acronym RFBGS, for a Really Flippin’ Big Green Spider, aka Peucetia viridans maximus.

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2 responses to “Monsters!”

  1. sairuh says:

    In the photo, they all look so…cute. Yet frightening. I blame global warming. And the lack of proper containment facilities for your Reactor Core. Sheesh. 😉

  2. Shawn says:

    Yikes! That’s a creepy picture.

    We had a huge pregant spider way up in our garage with a massive web last summer. And a couple down low. I decided it best to destroy the couple down low but was too lazy to get the one way up high (we have a really high ceiling in the garage).

    Well, low and behold this spring we kept finding little spiders in our bed, and the bathtub. Why those two places were so attractive, I do not know. Also, maybe they aren’t related to the other one from the year before, but it was sure odd. And not all that fun to be chilling in bed watching a movie with the wife, only to have something crawl across her face.

    Really great photo, do you have one at a higher quality?


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