Wed, 10 Oct 2007

Further eAccelerator weirdness

— SjG @ 4:34 pm

As I described back in this article, I was getting segfault errors from eAccelerator.

I’m experiencing it on another, similarly-equipped GoDaddy VPS server. Same software versions, even, for Apache, PHP, eAccelerator, and OS, although this is not a old CMS Made Simple install.

Still, no good solutions out there, as far as I can google.

Here’s the clues I have found:

  • The syntax function fun_name ($arg = array (blah)) is fatal.
  • The order in which PHP extensions are loaded might matter.
  • There are issues with files that get included or required multiple times via different paths.
  • Software versions are just Too Old.

This is teh suckage.

Next thing I’ll try, when I have the time, is to upgrade the VPS to Fedora Core 6, and see if pushing those version numbers up a bit helps.

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