Fri, 4 Sep 2009

Why I love being an Open Source developer

— SjG @ 10:14 am

I was private-messaged this morning. I’ve redacted the nick-name of the person contacting me, and made a few minor typo fixes. Unfortunately, this is not all that unusual…

[09:56] [redacted]: [link to bug report]
[09:57] [redacted]: I need these features.. 🙂
[09:57] _SjG_: hi
[09:57] [redacted]: very good module but not working.. 🙁
[09:58] _SjG_: it’s been a long time since I’ve done any work on the module
[09:58] [redacted]: any other guys?
[09:58] _SjG_: well, I do intend to do some upgrades on it, but paying work keeps getting higher priority
[09:59] [redacted]: i see
[09:59] [redacted]: it is method to get money? 🙂 leave small bugs and do works for money?
[10:00] [redacted]: i see this not first time
[10:00] _SjG_: no, it’s just that I only have so many hours in a day
[10:01] [redacted]: i am not asking you to do this
[10:01] [redacted]: just asking wht to do?
[10:01] [redacted]: its not working..
[10:01] _SjG_: I understand. It’s on my list of things to fix
[10:02] [redacted]: any other solution? other developer who can finish this small thing?
[10:02] _SjG_: you can ask
[10:03] _SjG_: I don’t know if anyone’s working on it
[10:03] _SjG_: Maybe [redacted] — he was doing some FormBuilder work
[10:05] [redacted]: strange..
[10:06] [redacted]: i had so much doubt about choosing this cms..
[10:06] [redacted]: now i see
[10:07] _SjG_: if you’re trying to make me feel guilty for not immediately fixing the problem, you’re not going to succeed. I do this as a volunteer. I have a full-time job in addition.
[10:09] _SjG_: You can try Joomla, and see if they’re more responsive.
[10:09] [redacted]: so other have too 🙂 but they not publishing modules with bugs I spent so much time and now i see that i should do everything with other cms
[10:10] _SjG_: You can always fix it yourself, and be a contributor
[10:10] [redacted]: i am not programmer thanks god 🙂
[10:12] _SjG_: no, you’re just a person with an unreasonable expectation of everybody doing your work for you. Sorry. Try being a contributor (in any way whatsoever), and I’d be more sympathetic.
[10:13] [redacted]: what?
[10:13] _SjG_: but coming in with a sense of entitlement and insults isn’t going to win you much support.
[10:13] [redacted]: i am just person who choose product like idiot
[10:14] [redacted]: i made a research it fits my need or not
[10:14] [redacted]: and that damn module is buged
[10:14] [redacted]: thats it
[10:14] _SjG_: yes, and it’s on the list of things to be fixed. what’s your point?
[10:14] _SjG_: I’m not dropping everything to make you happy?
[10:14] [redacted]: and developer say that he need money for this or i can fuck off
[10:14] _SjG_: That’s actually not what I said
[10:15] [redacted]: ha ha 🙂
[10:15] _SjG_: I said that it’s on my list of things to fix, but paid projects have taken priority
[10:15] _SjG_: I have bills to pay, you know
[10:15] [redacted]: you think other is too stupid?
[10:15] [redacted]: ok
[10:15] [redacted]: now i see situation
[10:16] _SjG_: I have a list of projects, each of which I go through and fix bugs as I have the time
[10:16] [redacted]: i will do some work in forums and so on to clear the situation for other people who can be fished like this
[10:16] _SjG_: I also get hundreds of feature requests
[10:17] _SjG_: and everyone is just like you, thinking that their project more important than my life, so I should just do their work for them and thank them
[10:17] [redacted]: so i am guilty to choose not working module ? 🙂
[10:17] _SjG_: no, you’re guilty of being impatient
[10:18] _SjG_: and insulting me when I try to explain the situation
[10:18] [redacted]: 🙂 ok
[10:18] _SjG_: accusing me of extortion by intentionally leaving in bugs
[10:18] _SjG_: do you know how many hour a week I put into writing this stuff?
[10:18] [redacted]: how much do you want for fixing this?
[10:19] _SjG_: it’s on the list to be fixed. I have several paying jobs I’m working on now. It will be done after I complete them.
[10:20] [redacted]: i talk with you just 10 min, but i understand that it will be fixed in 5 years 🙂
[10:20] _SjG_: well, there’s just one of me
[10:21] _SjG_: I’d work faster, but I do occasionally like to sleep, talk to my wife, etc
[10:22] [redacted]: maybe do the work till the end? 🙂
[10:22] [redacted]: and only then post them?
[10:22] [redacted]: or dont think that other stupid? 🙂
[10:23] [redacted]: ok i will find some person and pay the money
[10:23] [redacted]: but not for you mtf
[10:24] _SjG_: Dude, with your attitude, I would have charged you the “go to hell” price anyway

2 responses to “Why I love being an Open Source developer”

  1. iNSiPiD says:

    Hahaha! Go get ’em, Samuel. BTW, any ETA on that FormBuilder upgrade? 😉

  2. Nuno says:

    Weeeeeee that guy is a stupid f****

    I did not have such patience to put up as you had 🙂


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