Sat, 29 Jun 2013

8-bit Paleontology

— SjG @ 9:28 am

My maternal grandfather was a paleontologist of some note, yet it was no small surprise that L— broached the subject upon the occasion of my recent visit.

L—, a colleague from former heady days in the dot-com era and now a Web 2.0 millionaire in her own right, has used some of her new-found wealth to indulge in her original academic interest, the study of 8-bit Paleontology. In what was a rare honor, L— permitted me to view her private collection.

This collection, housed in the Library of her estate, is a well-lit room, dominated by the mounted skeleton of a contemporary Homocongregus namco. Surrounding this modern skeleton, she has a splendid display of fossils of some of the great precursor species, including Homocongregus dotovorus and Homocongregus arcada.

Today, however, she was pleased to show her latest acquisition. Opening a velvet-lined box, she revealed to me what is arguably the world’s best example of the immediate ancestor to Homocongregus namco: a gorgeous fossil of Homocongregus Phasmaprosecutus preserved in stone for all eternity in the very act of consuming a row of equally well preserved Pacdotus powerupi. It is truly a stunning piece, worthy of any great museum, and incontrovertible physical record of the evolutionary path of the species.

She kindly allowed me to photograph this specimen, thus I am able to present this image to share with the world, and contribute to the greater good of science:
Homocongregus Phasmaprosecutus

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