Mon, 2 Sep 2013

— SjG @ 5:29 pm

Consider this the soft-launch announcement for Legacy Labeler, an experimental web site for adding metadata and labels to your family pictures.


In Ye Olden Days, family pictures would be physical photo prints all stuffed in a drawer somewhere. It’s possible that they were neatly labeled and put in albums, or mayhaps someone wrote names on the backs.

Today, however, we are deluged in JPEGs straight out of our digital cameras. Some people have discipline and create digital galleries, but more often they’re just accumulated on hard-drives somewhere. is an approach for labeling these JPEG images, and adding or updating the relevant metadata in the file. Future generations deserve to know more about the pictures than when it was taken. “DSCN1012.jpg” probably won’t mean a whole lot to them.

I welcome feedback on the site: suggestions, bug reports, comments, flattery, invective, snark, or what-have-you.

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