Sat, 10 May 2014

Not the ‘droids…

— SjG @ 12:20 pm

It always bugged me that the Imperial Stormtroopers in Mos Eisley just took Kenobi’s word at the checkpoint. No, I mean, I get the bit about the Force clouding minds and all. But surely even the Force is not enough to cloud any self-respecting Stormtrooper’s comprehension that an Artoo unit may be a robot, but is certainly not a fucking ‘droid at all!

Anyway, I present without further comment a design suitable for T-Shirts:


2 responses to “Not the ‘droids…”

  1. SjG says:

    OK, after getting a few emails on this, I guess I need to clarify. “droid” is short for “android” which means “human shaped robot.” Use the Dictionary, Ben.

  2. sairuh says:

    I approve of this illustration. Fthagn!

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