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Another Maytag FAPOS*

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In 2007, the old dishwasher that had come with the house gave up the ghost. Repair would have cost 2/3 the price of a new one, and thinking that perhaps better water and energy efficiency could be had, we bought a new one.

We went to Sears, and bought a Maytag. Hey, we thought Maytag’s a solid brand. We want this thing to last! We didn’t know that in that in ’06, Maytag was bought by Whirlpool. We also didn’t know that somewhere in the early naughts, the appliances that they were manufacturing were being designed to fail right along the warranty boundaries. But for the moment, we had our Quiet Stream 300, shiny, new, and efficient.

In 2009, I had to replace the control panel circuit board. Seems the power drawn by the LEDs is right about the limit of what the transistor can switch. Maybe a bit over what it can handle. In any case, it melted.

Melty Melty

$156 bucks plus shipping later, then an hour of playing around with tools, and we were back in business.

Today I came home to find the door latch jammed up in a weird way, and all the dishes taken hostage. A little feeling around, and it was clear the handle was no longer supplying the necessary leverage to whatever latched the door. Further poking around with a thin screwdriver, and I was able to open the door. Removing all the front panel, I got ahold of the latch assembly.

Well, look at that. That hinge design… those metal rods give strength to the latch handle, and are secured within the plastic of the handle itself — by delicate, thin sleeves.

Maytag Flimsy

Now look at this blurry shot, and check out the spring this flimsy little plastic sleeve is working against. Yes, it’s working against it with a lever arm. But seriously? Under-engineering a latch to save $0.00001 worth of plastic?

Blurry spring

Yup. The spring itself is made of wire thicker than the plastic of the sleeve. For fuck’s sake. Who comes up with a weaksauce design like that? Well, it’s either some asshole engineer who doesn’t give a rat’s ass, or some shit-sucking lickspittle manager who abuses the engineer into doing it so they can increase margins. Either way, I raise my middle finger in salute to the bastards, and hope they choke on an under-ripe rutabaga.

*FAPOS – Flimsy Ass Piece of Shit

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