Mon, 31 Jul 2023

“Maker”-ing and Traveling light

— SjG @ 5:18 pm

What with the ongoing Covid pandemic (no really, it ain’t over) and various extended travel, I haven’t been spending much in-person time at CrashSpace.

I have a Silhouette paper cutter at home, and shelves of tools. But I gave away the CNC mill due to space and ventilation considerations. I’ve been tempted to get a small, low-end laser cutter, but have avoided it for the same reasons: I have very little space, and the space I do have isn’t good for building projects (nor configured for safe ventilation).

I closed the Etsy store where I was selling designs because it costs more money than it made, and API changes meant I was spending more time updating my code that built and managed the listings than I was making or selling art.

All this to say, I haven’t been making much in the way of physical projects of late. What’s more, I haven’t really done much to finish the Javascript geometry program, or several other software projects (converting Crowcut Card Designs into my own SVG store and/or giveaway site, a syllable/metric foot analysis tool, a writing management database, … always so many ideas!)

This autumn and winter, the primary initiatives will be decluttering and a few home repair projects. I’m still hoping to get to Crash to make a few things, but time will tell.

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