Mon, 1 Mar 2021

Rocks and Windows

— SjG @ 5:56 pm

The front yard is getting reorganized now that the plumbing is done. A plan was formed, and stone is being moved about. There will be a lot of subsequent work, involving sprinklers, transplanting roses, and more, no doubt about it, but it won’t just be a bunch of muddy holes for much longer.

The unit itself has had the windows and exterior doors installed! I was anticipating roof work. Meanwhile, the driveway wisteria is celebrating with some of the first blossoms.

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Sat, 27 Feb 2021

Surcease of Digging

— SjG @ 4:32 pm

It looks like the digging is done for the time being!

The driveway’s been re-cemented, and the HVAC work has completed. Oh, and the windows have arrived!

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Mon, 22 Feb 2021

Back to Digging

— SjG @ 6:03 pm

While the crew gets ready to patch the driveway back up, they’re also digging down to the main sewer outflow from the main house. The front yard now looks like we’re aspiring WWI Western Front re-enactors.

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Sun, 21 Feb 2021

Pipes, Vents, and More Digging

— SjG @ 10:51 am

Over the past few work days, more has been done on the HVAC and the gas/water/sewer hookups. During the integration of the new sewer outflow with the existant pipes, it was unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) discovered that the existant pipes are badly corroded, not to mention chock full of roots. We’d been on a program of yearly cleanings because of root intrusion, but it became clear that this pipe, probably dating back to 1939, is probably in need of replacement.

So yesterday was partially spent trying to dig up and move the rose bushes from the areas where the new digging will happen.

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Wed, 17 Feb 2021

More Plumbing

— SjG @ 6:03 pm

The water, gas, and sewer line got hooked up today. City inspections should happen sometime this week.

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