Mon, 22 Mar 2021

Additional Drywall

— SjG @ 5:52 pm

Over the weekend, I looked around the unit and saw the progress on the drywall and the shower. These pictures don’t really seem all that different, but a lot of detail work is being done in corners and edges. And, of course, the shower pan hadn’t been there before!

There was a drywall inspection, where they evidently audit the size and number of screws used to secure it.

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Sun, 21 Mar 2021

The Power

— SjG @ 5:39 pm

As foretold, the power was out for half the day Saturday while the team replaced the old panel with a new one. Sadly, I don’t have any good pictures from before. The power was already a bit complicated by the solar cutoff switch and meter. Now, the panel’s been replaced, and there’s a big box with our meter and a spot for the ADU’s meter.

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Thu, 18 Mar 2021

Further Adventures in Drywall

— SjG @ 9:33 pm

More progress today. Now the rumor is the power will be out tomorrow or the next day.

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Wed, 17 Mar 2021

Electrical Drywall Extravaganza

— SjG @ 5:27 pm

So while one part of the crew has been putting up the drywall, another part has been preparing the electrical panel. The original house is getting a new panel; it’s still not exactly clear to me how they’re all going to interconnect along with the solar. There are other parts I don’t really understand, like running a new ground all the way to the front of the house to connect to the plumbing when there’s plenty of ground right under the main panel. I expect there’s a good reason; perhaps to guarantee all the pipes are actually grounded to one another?

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Mon, 15 Mar 2021


— SjG @ 12:20 pm

Since the front yard got all torn up, we’re re-arranging it. That involves moving plants, stone, and irrigation around. So I spent part of the weekend digging up sprinklers and redoing them. Two of the three revisions are pictured in the gallery, along with a construction inspector who showed up unexpectedly.

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