Wed, 2 Feb 2005

Today’s Vision of the Future

— SjG @ 3:44 pm

Today’s installment:

  • everything will have a camera on it.
  • everything will be connected to the internet.
  • everything will have gigs of memory or more.
  • everything will have a GPS receiver in it.
  • everything will serve up targeted advertising based on location, personal history, and other gathered demographic data.
  • everything will play your music and movies to you.
  • everything will spontaneously reboot at least once a week.
  • the job title “Systems/Gadget Immunologist” will be more prestigious than “Doctor.”
  • nobody will brush their teeth or floss; instead they’ll squeeze another tube of plaque-scrubbing nanobots into their mouths once a month.
  • people will network their home theaters, so they can recreate the experience of seeing a movie with other people.
  • houses will be equipped with special systems to play your personal theme music for various activities. Only old folks will use the same theme song for activity_01.01 (getting up in the morning) and activity_07.47 (returning to the house).

Fri, 21 Jan 2005

First toadflax of Spring!?

— SjG @ 2:30 am

In the back yard, the first of the toadflax has begun to bloom. Awfully early for it — doesn’t it know that it’s only the middle of January? But I guess you wouldn’t know it from the weather. It’s been up in the eighties much of the week…

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Sun, 9 Jan 2005 upgrade

— SjG @ 1:55 am

OK. This is a test of the new system. We’re upgrading from 2.1 directly to 3.0 with fancy blogging software. Isn’t it a little late to be jumping on this bandwagon? Yes, yes, yes it is. But this is schnazzier than updating pages with vi.

If you’re looking for all the old stuff, fear not! You can access it via the “Old Stuff” link on the left.

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