Mon, 8 Feb 2021

More digging

— SjG @ 5:02 pm

Oh, so much more digging. Half the yard is now trenches.

They’ve started putting in the electrical fixtures: lighting and outlets. Things are different than I remember. The A/C apparently doesn’t have to go through conduit anymore?

While we were inspecting, E noticed that there was another inspector present! That’s certainly a first. I ran to fetch my good camera, but by the time I returned, it was gone.

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Sat, 6 Feb 2021

Saturday Update

— SjG @ 4:53 pm

The DWP said that the electrical panel on the house needs 36-inch clearance. Sadly, that means that one of the butterflies’ and hummingbirds’ favorite hang outs (a somewhat overgrown Duranta erecta) needed to be cut back. So that was today’s project.

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Fri, 5 Feb 2021

More Digging

— SjG @ 3:58 pm

It was jackhammers all day as the sewer trench got expanded and deepened.

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Thu, 4 Feb 2021


— SjG @ 4:39 pm

Much of the initial framing is done. Trenches for drainage and incoming electrical are being prepped and dug. Today marked the first discussions of appointments and interior layout, and the decision to make some minor layout changes to the kitchen island/breakfast bar.

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Wed, 3 Feb 2021

Kitchen Roof

— SjG @ 4:12 pm

The DWP came to discuss electrical panel requirements, and work started on the roof for the kitchen area. Some of the garden stones had to be moved for where (presumably) the power conduit will be placed.

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